The campaign "For the full smile of children" provides the opportunity for millions of Vietnamese children to have the opportunity to have surgery and have a beautiful smile.

The campaign "For the full smile of Vietnamese children" is organized by Phu Bao company and Perfetta mask brand in conjunction with Operation Smile Vietnam fund. The campaign will provide the opportunity for free surgery to millions of disadvantaged children across the country.

Specifically, for each Perfetta mask you buy, you will contribute 2 VND to the "Smile" fund of Operation Smile Vietnam. The community's cooperation helps children to hope to have a full smile, bring confidence, a normal life like many friends of the same age.

Perfetta for the perfect smile of Vietnamese children. Photo:  Perfetta.

According to Mr. Nguyen Thuan Nghia - General Director of Phu Bao Company, Perfetta Vietnam and Phu Bao brands with their business mission of sustainable development, always strive to join hands to support activities for the community. , the goal is for the future generation of children, trying to help disadvantaged children and children with disabilities. The unit creates conditions for the children to develop comprehensively in virtue - mind - body - beauty.

Ms. Huong Giang, Development Manager of Operation Smile Vietnam expressed her gratitude to Phu Bao company and Perfetta mask brand. At the same time, Operation Smile hopes to receive more attention about this campaign from individuals and communities to spread the message "For the full smile of Vietnamese children".

For every Perfetta mask you buy, you have contributed 2 VND to the Smile fund of Operation Smile Vietnam. Photo:  Perfetta.

The representative of Operation Smile Vietnam also said that, according to statistics, every 3 minutes, a baby is born with a cleft palate. In Vietnam, this rate is common at 1 in 700 children. With the birth rate of our population, the number of children with this disease is increasing day by day. Although cleft palate is not fatal, it can make it difficult for children to eat, communicate, and integrate into society. Therefore, surgery to bring bright smiles to children is of great interest.

Practice has shown that cleft palate can be cured thanks to advanced medical technologies. The cost of cleft palate surgery usually ranges from 6 million VND depending on the facility. However, among the cases of cleft palate, many children have extremely difficult circumstances, in remote areas, difficult conditions to conduct surgery.

In order to be able to help underprivileged children, every year, many organizations, agencies and mass organizations have campaigns to call for donations, support and join hands to help.

"For the full smile of children" provides an opportunity for millions of Vietnamese children to have surgery. Photo:  Perfetta.

Operation Smile Vietnam is a non-governmental charity operating in the medical field, specializing in providing free surgeries for children with facial deformities. Since its presence in Vietnam, Operation Smile Vietnam has brought more than 60,000 new smiles and new lives to Vietnamese children. Children with cleft lip and palate deformities are exempt from surgery and hospital costs, and are supported with a part of travel and food expenses during examination, surgery and post-operative treatment.


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