The safety of customers and employees is the top priority of Phu Bao Group Company and Perfetta mask brand at the moment. Because the epidemic situation is still complicated, so within 15 days of social distancing in Ho Chi Minh City according to directive 16 of the government, our company also would like to stop accepting orders at all locations. Perfetta stores until further notice of resumption of sales. We hope you understand and sympathize with this inconvenience, as well as we hope that you will have 15 meaningful days with "5 not to be forgotten" for yourself and your family:

- Do not forget to add Vitamin C every day to increase resistance.

- Don't forget to wash your hands and disinfect every time it is necessary to go out.

  • - Do not forget to wear a mask when interacting with strangers or when going to public places to protect the health of yourself, your family and the community.

- Không quên dành thời gian để học thêm những điều mới, tập thể dục hay cập nhật những tin tức có ích cho bản thân.

- Don't forget to spend time with your family to cook together, watch TV together or read your favorite books together that you didn't have time to do together before.

The 15 days will pass quickly, we hope you will have a lot of health, and let's enjoy this time with full of love, peace and calm to go through this phase with Saigon. this difficult period, and will return one day as healthy and active as before.

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