Foreign woman donates her youth to support disabled people

You have to go to see it, you have to learn to understand the extraordinary things that sometimes only come from very ordinary actions and hearts. Just like when you come to Lucky House and listen to the story of its founder, you will admire Hoang Nu Ngoc Tim – the Swiss woman who has devoted her whole heart to the disabled in Vietnam. , protect and find ways to fill the shortcomings of people and children, helping them find their own value to society.

During a visit to Vietnam, young artist Aline Rebeaud (Swiss name before naturalization in Vietnam) encountered abandoned disabled people, incomplete lives in society. The 20-year-old girl decided to stay, establishing a shelter for hundreds of unfortunate fates. And during the past 20 years, with many hardships and difficulties, but that woman always devotes her heart and youth to taking care of her unlucky children, in a foreign country. which not everyone can do.

Starting from caring and empathizing with less fortunate fates, up to now, Lucky House has been nurturing more than 100 orphans and people with disabilities.

Tim has welcomed these circumstances into her common home to take care of, she helps people with disabilities recover with physical therapy exercises, helping them to move their bodies and minds. After a period of persistently recovering their health and gradually bringing them into society, Tim taught them a job so that they could earn money to support themselves, so that they could marry and have children like other ordinary people.

Join hands for a future of the less fortunate

When humanistic values are spread, it will itself create a strong internal force, Tim is not alone, when there are benefactors and sponsors to listen and support on this tireless beautiful journey.

By chance during a business trip in Dak Nong, Mr. Thuan Nghia - General Director of Phu Bao Group had the opportunity to meet and talk with Tim at the recommendation of an acquaintance, the story of the Lucky House touched the heart. to your heart. Empathizing with what she did, he decided to accompany her to help the less fortunate to turn a new page.

This is also considered as a "destiny" for Phu Bao Group to choose Lucky House Organization as the next stop in its series of activities for the community. With the desire to build perfection that originates from the heart, besides business development, the Group also wishes to create good values not only for customers but also for the society, especially those less fortunate in Vietnam.


“Sow love, reap happiness” - the event will provide an opportunity to bond love for children, orphans and children with disabilities from families with extremely difficult and complicated circumstances. , with dropout rates, midway interruptions can be guaranteed to receive equal attention and support, and no child is left behind.

Specifically, Phu Bao Group and the Perfetta brand will give wings to the dreams of 60 primary school students in the 2021-2022 school year. In addition, the group will also receive training and vocational training for underprivileged children. young people with disabilities here, so that they have the opportunity to integrate into society and become potential future generations of society.

This is a long-term Collective Sponsorship Program that the corporation hopes, through the program, will establish a long-term, real relationship between godparents and children. Not only providing financial support, but also instilling love, faith, building and nurturing a loving family for disadvantaged and less fortunate children, helping them confidently overcome difficulties on the learning path towards a better future.

Lucky House activities

House of Chance is a humanitarian non-governmental organization (NGO), independently operating and the activities of Lucky House are renewed annually. Since the end of 2007, Nha Lucky has been associated with a new partner, the Sponsoring Association for Poor Patients in Ho Chi Minh City and has recruited more than 70 employees and dozens of Vietnamese and foreign volunteers. regularly available to support the activities of the organization.

House of Fortune is a "springboard" for people with disabilities, orphans, street children and those in difficult circumstances in Vietnam. It provides housing, medical care, education and vocational training, is a place where disadvantaged children, people with disabilities can study and work, is designed for rehabilitation and is place to reintegrate into society.


With 60 sponsorships for the group of disadvantaged children living here, Perfetta wishes to contribute a part to help them have a solid foundation for development and a good future. Accompanying Lucky House - Maison Chance, is a way for Perfetta brand and Phu Bao Group to maintain the brand promise of always wanting to do the best to bring joy, smiles and future to the people the less fortunate, creating a happy journey across Vietnam.

Resource: Afamily

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