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Perfetta face mask - Japanese standard process, for the health of Vietnamese people
Manufactured under a Japanese-standard closed process, the quality of Perfetta face mask meets strict requirements assessed by customers who are Japanese medical supply companies. For this reason, the Perfetta face mask brand has always been receiving a lot of positive feedback from domestic consumers since its first launch on the market. In particular, the face mask designs are all based on the demands and facial features of Vietnamese people which make it most comfortable for domestic customers while using.
"You Want, We Got, We Care"
We always care and prioritize your needs. With a heart and a sense of responsibility, PBG is committed to delivering quality and safeness to customers.
Harnessing the creative energy of all members through effective teamwork and a transparent working environment.
Perfetta! Care LIFE.
- To mantain and upkeep as the most reliable company in supplying health and personal care products in Vietnam.
- To be positioned as one of the top 10 Asian qualitu-leading companies worldwide.
Core Value
"Good Ethic, Good Service, Good Business."
Based on the foundation of integrity, PBG has a constant pursuit not only to satisfy the demand of our customers but also to share successes with our partners.
Impressive numbers
Masks have been trusted
Masks have been exported to Japan and Europe
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History begin
PBG aims to develop more product lines in our catalogue, expand our market connections with international partners, thereby repositioning ourselves as a well-reputed global brand.
A large-scale factory with modern machinery and advanced technologies was built and started operations, helping PBG stabilize production capacity and improve product quality.
All divisions were incorporated as a business integrated services company. Our company name was changed into: Phu Bao Group.
Phu Bao Medical was established in Cau Tram Industrial Park, Long An province as a branch of Phu Bao company.
The business line was expanded and developed into Phu Bao Distribution, our products initially included two disposable face mask brands: Perfetta and Familex.
Phu Bao Company was established with the mission to serve and care for customers.
Production capacity
PHU BAO MEDICAL Factory: Located at Cau Tram Industrial Park, Can Duoc District, Long An Province with a total area of ​​4,512m2, PHU BAO MEDICAL factory is ISO 9001 certified according to international standards for quality management. Our medical face mask products have also achieved ISO 13485 certification.
In addition to complying with the Japanese closed production process, Phu Bao factory always welcomes ideas for new technology innovation and product improvements. The professional level of Phu Bao staff is always enhanced through cooperation with domestic and international partners from leading laboratories, institutions and research institutes.
The importance of product safety helps Phu Bao factory build an effective risk assessment method, from the selection of input raw materials, to every step of the production process.