[Hàng Amazon] Khẩu trang cao cấp 4 lớp Perfetta Ultra hộp 50 cái

150.000đ 70.000đ/Hộp

Dòng sản phẩm khẩu trang Perfetta Ultra - Hàng xuất khẩu đang được bán tại kênh Amazon, số lượng có hạn


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4 lớp
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About this item

HIGH QUALITY:  OFFERING 4 LAYERS OF PROTECTION. The outer layer is non-woven fabric to block dust and water.  The 1st middle layer is non-woven fabric with enhanced ability to block dust. The 2nd middle layer is MELT-BLOWN to filter out dust, pollen, smoke, fumes, and haze.  The inner layer is soft on skin and absorbs moisture

ELASTIC EARLOOPS:  Soft and lightweight. NOSE PIECE:  Soft and adjustable plastic nose clip

USE:  The masks are intended for Public & General Use.  daily use for indoor office settings, shopping centers, and convenient stores, as well as general indoor and outdoor public places. Perfetta Ultra masks help protect against the dust, smoke, airborne allergens, and pollen.

PACKAGE : CONTAINS 50 DISPOSABLE MASKS per box. Single-use for adults and children.  Dispose after 4-8 hours of continuous use. 

A PRODUCT OF VIETNAM. Perfetta means “Wow! It’s perfect” and “Tốt Quá Ta!” in Vietnamese. Fulfillment by Amazon Services 

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